Who we are

The Trim up story

The idea to start these group tours came about after Kirsten went alone to Mexico for her own bariatric surgery.

The service and care that she received was exceptional and highly professional. Kirsten thought more Kiwis and Australians would be open to heading there if they travelled together and she was right. 

Kirsten was born to travel but forced to work until this concept was created and now she has combined the two and found her dream job helping other’s realise their dreams at the same time.

The Mexico Bariatric Center

Whether you’re looking for affordable bariatric surgery, or you simply need some type of common medical procedure, you can receive the same level of care in Mexico for a fraction of the cost. 

Mexico Bariatric Centre is the top provider for weight loss surgery in Mexico. They only use the most highly trained, experienced and certified surgeons with top success rates.

If you are interested in affordable bariatric surgery, and what this life changing experience can do for you. Please contact Kirsten today to learn more about our surgeons, staff and what is included as part of your medical vacation.

Centro Médico Premier is a modern full-service hospital certified by the Mexican Government. This facility is dedicated to performing a large number of weight loss procedures each year. Built to always provide quality care and high medical standards while being known for its excellent track record.

At Stop Obesity we make sure we use only the best facilities equipped with the latest technology and service. Our surgeons and staff work seamlessly with hospital physicians and nurses to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for our patients.

Our Surgeons – Tijuana’s leading medical professionals

Mexico Bariatric Center and Stop Obesity have amazing, board-certified surgeons that only perform 3 to 4 surgeries per day. Most medical centers in Mexico (and the rest of the world) can do 7 to 8 surgeries per surgeon/per day – this high through-put of patients can result in an increased complication and failure rate. Our highly qualified surgeons take their time and care with each and every patient ensuring a successful outcome for each surgery.

Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela, MD

Dr. Alejandro Gutierrez Gomez

Dr. Christian Rodriguez Lopez

Dr. Ismael Cabrera

Aftercare service

The Wellness Centre with Vanessa Warren

As part of the Trim Up with Kirsten programme, we have partnered with Vanessa Warren from the Wellness Centre who provides specialised bariatric surgery aftercare support.

Vanessa Warren (TWC Wellness Consultant) is a leading Health, Wellness and Activity specialist. She is the premiere Bariatric Exercise Specialist in Australasia currently located in Christchurch, New Zealand. She has spent the past 13 years working exclusively with hundreds of people who have had bariatric weight loss surgery. Vanessa works passionately to help people to see their own worth, particularly in regards to weight loss. 

For more information on the services provided by Vanessa click the button below: